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Special Testimony

20 May 2009

Inspiring testimony of the first retreat, by Craig Harvey:

"My name is Craig Harvey and I feel very honoured and privileged to be able to share my testimony with you of Retha's 1st Spirit School Retreat. May our Beloved God be glorified by these words and may His love touch all those who read this.

I cant paint you a clear picture of many of the things that happened on the Retreat without taking you a little deeper into my life and showing you a few very personal things which is a little scary for me but I'm doing this to honour God so here goes..."

Click here to read more.

15 April 2009

Dear Retha and Aldo,

God put it on my heart on the 30th March 2009 to sow a financial seed into Aldo’s ministry – He said I had to name the seed: A Resurrection seed. On that day I obeyed God by pledging to sow it. By doing that, God said that I am then standing before Him with a Passover offering (for it was Passover). With that He also gave me a promise: “This Passover season I am going to wake you up all over again.”

I am literally seeing that promise coming to life in my life, since being obedient that Monday two weeks ago. He put His Fire in me, He lifted my spirit up and took me up in the Spirit with Him and that is where I am living now since then.

For so long I read what you, Aldo, are saying about Jesus and His Bride. About being holy because God is Holy. He wants us to live holy for Him and before Him. That without holiness and a pure heart, we shall not see the Lord. Then I always wondered exactly what you were saying. What does it really means to “live holy and be holy”. I also read about you seeing angels, going up in the Spirit, being with and talking to Jesus, Him showing you things in the Spirit. And then my heart and soul yearned, “I want that! Lord, open the eyes of my heart, I want to see You! I want to know you, and I want to know You mòre and mòre.

I also read, Retha, what you are saying about God Who says, “Come up High, my child, come Higher, for this is where I am. This is where I live, this is WHO I am – this is what I am saying in My Word that you must worship me in Spirit and in Truth.” And again my heart and soul yearned to personally know what you are talking about.

In the past God put it on my heart to sow into your (Retha’s) ministry, which I did. And now God specifically told me to sow into Aldo’s ministry – and just nòw God gave me this revelation:

Since I sowed into Retha’s ministry, I started to see a harvest already (the bearing of fruit, He talks about in Matt 13:23) – and it has nòthing to do with finances or money. It is about life and life in abundance that nò money can buy. God started to open up Himself to me, He started to “open the eyes of my heart to see Him” – to know what Rètha knows about Him, to experience God the way Rètha experience Him. And it grows day by day.

Then the moment I obeyed and pledged to sow into Aldo’s ministry – God POURED OUT HIS FIRE AND ANNOINTING on me. Even only by pledging it and not even physically sowing it yèt, I started to live and experience the same things Aldo is “living in”.

God reveals it to me right now, that thàt is what He means when He says in His Word for us to sow into “good ground that bear fruit” (Matthew 13:23). He says that when you sow into a ministry that is Anointed by HIM, that you will then receive that same Anointing on your life, which is on that ministry.

Dear Retha and Aldo, I cannot thank our God enough for your obedience and perseverance which I know HE gives you, to walk the road of Faith and obedience like you do. For it is because of your faith, obedience and perseverance that someone like mè, can follow in that steps and learn from you and – NOW I KNOW – receive THROUGH you from God.

Stay in Faith– God will honor your faith and obedience, you will experience the Great Resurrection in your live and you will see the Great Harvest you are called to bring in.


Trudie (Democratic Republic of the Congo)


To everybody that reads this testimony:

To experience this is for èvèrybòdy, not just for some people – just be obedient to God when He tells you to do something!

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